The model of IP breaking circle and crossover — B.Duck

November 18, 2022

With excellent creativity and design ability, national IP — B.Duck has made new attempts of cross-border IP cooperation with business partners in many fields in recent years. With groundbreaking innovative practices, it constantly brings more diversified content creation and multi-dimensional cross-border communication to the Chinese consumer market and China’s original IP industry. The original domestic IP image of B.Duck will be expanded to a wider range of mass consumer groups.

Under the continuous efforts of “Father Duck” Xu Xialin and his team members, B. D. Yellow Duck has reached long-term cooperation with a number of high-quality licensers in the aspects of clothing, maternal and infant, beauty makeup, 3C electronics, theme park, etc. At the same time, it has carried out IP co-branding promotion in the brand new fields such as stars, mobile games, national fashion, etc., opening up a new model for the development of China’s cultural industry.

First star personal IP image

In 2018, B.Duck seized the hot spot of social media, actively sought cross-border cooperation with star Zhou Dongyu, and jointly created the first independent star’s personal IP — Dong Duck. Dong Duck not only has the attractive appearance and personality characteristics similar to Zhou Dongyu, but also captures the trend elements of contemporary stars. With the slogan of “DO WHAT YOU WANT”, Dong Duck conveys the individual brand values of daring to speak, think and do to young people. Since then, Dong Duck has established various licensing cooperation with Pepsi, d’zzit, LOVO and other brands, providing food, clothing, daily necessities and other peripheral products, which have won unanimous favor among young communities at home and abroad.

Create the national trend of gameplay

As an original national brand in China, B.Duck boldly seeks for cross-border cooperation with brands with Chinese cultural elements. In February 2020, B.Duck launched the double IP cooperation project “There is a little ‘Emperor’ Duck in the Palace” for the first time in cooperation with the palace Culture of the Imperial Palace. In the design, various elements of Chinese style such as koi, champion, hibiscus and plum blossom were cleverly integrated, highlighting the traditional Chinese culture with the trendy play, and opening a crossover model of classic Chinese style. The two parties jointly developed more than 50 “IP+ culture” co-branded products with 11 high-quality licensors, covering various fields such as cultural innovation, clothing, bags and so on. The overall sales volume exceeded 10 million, and the monthly sales volume of co-branded clothing alone exceeded 40,000 pieces.

In addition, in March 2020, B.Duck reached cooperation with the Ruby Northeast Board, and went to Daqing, Heilongjiang Province, the hometown of the Northeast Board, to have a romantic date with “the duck has you”. Through this cross-border cooperation, both parties boldly clash the classic and trend elements contained in the brand genes, refreshing the new possibility of cross-border cooperation of retro trend. As a national brand of ice cream, Dongbei Daban, inspired by the fat feet of B. duck, launched a spicy and crispy ice cream shaped like duck feet, which was novel and interesting and effectively captured the attention of consumers. In Li Jiaqi’s broadcast room, the first 10,000 boxes of ice cream were sold out within 3 minutes, with a sales volume of over one million. At the same time, based on the style of the classic ice cream of the Northeast Board, B.Duck also launched the retro small yellow Duck mobile phone bag of the large board, which is cute and fashionable with elements of childhood memory. Once it was launched, it caused a great craze among consumers.

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